První kolo / 1st round

První kolo soutěže / 1st round
Sál Minoritského kláštera v Opavě / The hall of the minorite monastery in Opava

čtvrtek 9. června / Thursday 9 June

9.00 | 26 Strejcová Eva
cca. 9.15 | 28 Tomčala Tomáš
cca. 9.30 | 29 Trubač Vojtěch
9.45 | 30 Vrána Tomáš
cca. 10.00 | 34 Zhao Jiarui
cca. 10.15 | 1 Back Minjae

10.30-11.00 | přestávka / pause

11.00 | 2 Bláhová Tamara
cca. 11.15 | 3 Boura Daniel
cca. 11.30 | 4 Brabcová Barbora
11.45 | 6 Gaálová Anna
cca. 12.00 | 7 Golombková Tereza
cca. 12.15 | 8 Guo Yimao

12.30-14.00 | přestávka / pause

14.00 | 9 Chandellier Emile
cca. 14.15 | 10 Chihara Satomi
cca. 14.30 | 12 Jírová Marie
cca. 14.45 | 14 Lejsek František
15.00 | 15 Marek Matouš
cca. 15.15 | 16 Martinka Filip
cca. 15.30 | 19 Paukert Vojtěch
cca. 15.45 | 20 Praženica Pavol

16.00-16.30 | přestávka / pause

16.30 | 22 Satsuma Kento
cca. 16.45 | 24 Stretovic Dusan
cca. 17.00 | 25 Stěpaněnko Nikita
cca. 17.15 | Porada poroty / consultation of Jury

cca 18.30 vyhlášení výsledků 1. kola / results announcement

Žádáme účastníky, aby se dostavili do místnosti pro rozehrávání min. 15 minut před svým vystoupením.
Participants are kindly requested to come to the room for practice at least 15 minutes before their performance.

59th Beehoven's Hradec

Next year of The International Music Competition Beethoven's Hradec will be held from 14th to 18th June 2023 in the fiel of violin. The chair will be Jiří Vodička.

Detailed information about the competition will be published by the end of June 2022.

The Opening concert

The ceremonial opening of the competition will take place on Wednesday 8 June at 6 pm in the hall of the Minorite Monastery. We cordially invite all fans of classical music to the opening concert.

Performing Performing: Eliška Novotná — piano, Jiří Hanousek — violoncello and Karel Dohnal — clarinet

Ch. M. Widor: Introduction and Rondo op. 72 for clarinet and piano 
J. Brahms: Trio a moll op. 114 for clarinet, violoncello and piano 
L. van Beethoven: Sedm variací Es dur for violoncello and piano 
L. van Beethoven: Trio B dur op. 11 for clarinet, violoncello and piano 

Tickets for public 100 CZK will be available on the spot. Competitors have free acces.

List of competitors

We thank everyone for joining the competition. This year there are going to be 38 competitors.

Competitors • Competitors 

1. Back Minjae ˃ Německo • Germany 

2. Bacsi Tamas ˃ Maďarsko • Hungary - logged out

3. Bláhová Tamara ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

4. Boura Daniel ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

5. Brabcová Barbora ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

6. Braun Klemens Elias ˃ Německo • Germany - logged out

7. Comi Anne-Lise ˃ Švýcarsko • Switzerland – odhlášen

8. Gaálová Anna ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

9. Golombková Tereza ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

10. Guo Yimao ˃ Čína • China 

11. Chandellier Emile ˃ Francie • France 

12. Chihara Satomi ˃ Nizozemsko/Japonsko • Netherlands/Japan 

13. Jaklová Veronika ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

14. Jírová Marie ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

15. Jovovic Andrija ˃ Černá Hora • Montenegro – odhlášena

16. Knoulichová Anna ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic - logged out 

17. Lejsek František ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

18. Marek Matouš ˃ Česká Republika/Rakousko • Czech Republic/ Austria 

19. Martinka Filip ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

20. Nikolovska Marija ˃ Makedonie • Macedonia  

21. Oda Misuzu ˃ Japonsko • Japan - logged out

22. Olejak Denis Walter ˃ Německo • Germany  – odhlášen

23. Paukert Vojtěch ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

24. Praženica Pavol ˃ Slovensko • Slovakia 

25. Sasaki Rio ˃ Japonsko • Japan – odhlášena

26. Satsuma Kento ˃ Japonsko • Japan 

27. Shinano Rikako ˃ Japonsko • Japan – odhlášena

28. Sretovic Dusan ˃ Srbsko • Serbia 

29. Stěpaněnko Nikita ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

30. Strejcová Eva ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

31. Syrneva Hanna ˃ Bělorusko/Švýcarsko • Belarus/Switzerland – logged out

32. Tomčala Tomáš ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

33. Trubač Vojtěch ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

34. Vrána Tomáš ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic 

35. Wendler Jacek ˃ Polsko • Poland 

36. Yildiran Orcun ˃ Turecko • Turkey 

37. Zavadil Ondřej ˃ Česká Republika • Czech Republic  – odhlášen

38. Zhao Jiarui ˃ Čína • China 

The competition will take place in Opava

The Minorit Monastery, Opava

The 58th Beethoven's Hradec International Competition will take place in nearby towns of Opava and Ostrava due to a large reconstruction of Hradec nad Moravicí castle. First and second round will be held in The hall of Minorit Monastery in Opava. The final round will take place in Ostrava House of Culture, the residence place of Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava.

We recommend to contestans to secure an accommodation in the town Opava. There are many hotels and pensions. The transport to Ostrava will be secured for the finalists. Information about Opava town are on website of the tourist information centre.

We believe that the Minorit Monastery and Ostrava House of Culture will serve the contestants well. The town of Opava is, same as Hradec nad Moravicí castle, connected with Ludwig van Beethoven. It was just the town of Opava where Beethoven left to when he had an agrument with the prince Lichnovsky. And again it was Opava where Beethoven took part in performance of his Messe C-dur, op. 86 in 1811 in the Church of Holy Spirit.

58th Beethoven's Hradec announcement

The 58th Beethoven's Hradec International Music competition is announced for 2022. The competition, in category piano, will take place on 8-12 June, 2022, in the Hradec nad Moravicí Castle.

Applicants will fill in the application online, which includes a photo and a confirmation of payment of entry fee. The deadline for submitting application forms is 18 April, 2022.. All candidates accepted to the competition will be sent further information to the email addresses specified in their application forms by 25 April 2022. The competition is limited to 45 participants; any applications exceeding this number will not be accepted.

The competition is open to artists aged 32 or less.

All required information are in the proposition avaible for downloading or on this page.

58th Beethoven's Hradec is postponed to 2022

58th year of a competition, which should have taken place in June 2020, won't take place until 2022 because of the unfavourable and unpredictible situation of Covid's pandemic. Organizers have decided to stop all preparations for the prestige competition Beethoven's Hradec as it wouldn't be possible to carry it out on the expected international level.

Dear young pianists, dear colleagues,

I would like to add a few words to the news about postponing the Beethoven’s piano competition in Hradec nad Moravicí for the second time. The organizer has told you about reasons for delaying the competition, certainly they are obvious as they are connected with a huge uncertainty in options for production of cultural, formal or educational activities in the nearest months. We hoped that we could get back to normality, to standard activities after the first wave of pandemic, but it didn’t happen. I know in what difficulties you are working now and understand that a preparation for an international competition could be one of a few motivating moments of these days. If you were looking forward to Hradec nad Moravicí and worked on the competition’s program, believe me, it wasn’t a wasted time. On the other hand, everything you’ve learned during the preparation, will be certainly useful and it will move you on in your piano development. Keep your favor to the competition. I strongly believe we will meet in June 2022.

Eliška Novotná, Chairwoman

More information about the reasons that led to postponing the competition are in the press release bellow (only in Czech).

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