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A program of International Music Competition Beethovenův Hradec is complemented by accompaniying festival. The festival's program has three main parts which are held by separate organizations. The parts are:

Workshop for the Youngest Composers

Workshops of composition for children and adolescents (6-16 year old)

Workshop for the Youngest Composers offers courses for exceptionally talented children with interest in music improvisation and composition. Workshop is organized by Asscociation Q, which supports the youngest musicians during their first steps in composing. Workshop lectors come mostly from MF JAMU in Brno and UP in Olomouc. Workshop's dramaturgy is composed of collective workshops, individual consultations, project To Hear Differently and concerts (a concert of lectors, a concert of participants and a special concert). The special concert can be Concert of laureats of compositional competition of Primary Schools of Performing Arts's, which is organized once in three years. Favourit part of the workshop is a project of Vít Zouhar, Sára Medková, Jan Kavan and Ivo Medek with a name Tastes which includes projections with cooking and tasting on the stage.

Compositional competition of pupils of Primary Schools of Performing Arts

Concerts of winning compositions

Pupils of Primary Schools of Performing Arts from all Czech regions take part in the competition. The competition has thousands of participants. The discipline of composition is organized once in three years. The competition has been for many years an important impulse for creation of hundreds child's compositions for different instruments, singing, choir, wind, chamber or symphonic orchestra. Child's fantasy often discovers unconvetional solutions or uses classic instruments or voice in new way.

Muse Days

Concert of talented pupils from Primary Schools of Performing Arts to honor of chosen famous composer

Music and artistic exhibition of talents from Moravian-Silesian Region. The Muse Days are always focused on a certain composer. The exhibiton is organized by Assotiation Muse and Primary School of Performing Arts in Hradec nad Moravicí.

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