Basic information about competition

Beethoven's Hradec International Music Competition have been taking place in fabulous surroundings of Hradec nad Moravicí Castle since 1960's. The competition is determined for young performers under 32 (including). In four year's cycle it alternates instrument - violin, viol, cello and piano (opened for 2022). The competition is divided in three parts, the final lap takes place with Janaček Philharmonic Ostrava. The international jury grants three main awards and another special awards.

In 2022 and probably in next two years the competittion will take place in the towns of Opava (1st and 2nd round in the Minorit Monastery) and Ostrava (3rd round in Ostava House of Culture). The reason for this change is a large reconstruction of Hradec nad Moravicí Castle. Part of the castle, usually used for the competition, had to be completly closed.

The competition has a great reputation around the world. It is a honorable achievement to become competition's laureat. As past has often shown, former laureats of the competition are strong personalities. For instance: violinists Ivan Ženatý, Hana Kotková, Jiří Vodička, Martina Bačová, violists Ladislav Kyselák, Jan Pěruška, Alexander Besa, Jitka Hosprová, cellists Miroslav Petráš, Michaela Fukačová, Daniel Veis, Jiří Bárta and pianists Jiří Skovajsa, Ivan Klánský, Jan Jiraský či Eliška Novotná. Many of them visit the competition as performers, juryman or jurywoman, accompanist or teacher of incoming music generation.

In 2014, the book Beethoven's Hradec: Musical portrait of Hradec nad Moravicí Castle was published.

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