Results of 59th Beethoven's Hradec

After the grand finale in the St. Václav’s Church on sunday the 16th of June we already know the winners ot this year's competition.

The prizes go to:

  • 1st place: Yungi Kaneko
  • 2nd place: Sakura Nakagawa
  • 3rd place: Katharina Auer
  • The dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music of the Univerzity of Ostrava Prize: Jelin Lee
  • The Presto Art Agency Prize: Ewa Wetzel

All competitors has also gained The Bärenreiter Praha Music Publisher Prize.

The jury has awarded the Matice Slezská Prize for he Matice Slezská Prize for excellent piano accompaniment to MgA. Martina Hájková and MgA. Alexandr Starý.

foto: Martin Kusyn
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