58th Beethoven's Hradec announcement

The 58th Beethoven's Hradec International Music competition is announced for 2022. The competition, in category piano, will take place on 8-12 June, 2022, in the Hradec nad Moravicí Castle.

Applicants will fill in the application online (until 10th April 2023), which includes a photo and a confirmation of payment of entry fee. The deadline for submitting application forms is 18 April, 2022.. All candidates accepted to the competition will be sent further information to the email addresses specified in their application forms by 25 April 2022. The competition is limited to 45 participants; any applications exceeding this number will not be accepted.

The competition is open to artists aged 32 or less.

All required information are in the proposition avaible for downloading or on this page.

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